LIZZ Forges an Imperio for the Future of Chilean Hip-Hop

October 11, 2016

Profiling the fearless rapper, producer, and DJ making waves in Chile’s subversive hip-hop and reggaeton scenes.


Power on the Perimeter: A Conversation with Alisú

September 27, 2016

Getting familiar with the musician, designer, and label owner keeping the independent spirit alive and well in Chile.


New Urban Mythologies: A Conversation with CAO

August 25, 2016

A fascinating interview with the Peruvian artist exploring the mysticism of cities and civilizations through evocative, experimental electronica.

Resist and Remain: An Interview with Mika Martini

August 22, 2016

Speaking with the prolific musician on the last two decades of electronic music in Chile, his outlook for the future in his city, and a home studio synth tour.


Inside the Liberated, Organic Electronica of Aoraquï

June 21, 2016

Chile’s Aoraquï weave Renata Anaya’s phonemic vocal improvisation into Daniel Jeffs’ fluid minimal techno.


Plastic Dreams: An Interview with Pablo Salas of No Problema Tapes

May 31, 2016

A look inside Santiago’s small, tenacious label releasing highly sought after limited editions on cassette.